Risk Based Vunerability Management For Enterprise Organisations. 

Don’t wait for something to happen, to then quantify which vulnerability to manage first.

Brinqa for the Enterprise market


Brinqa Risk Based Vulnerability Management solutions.

Brinqa offers an enterprise level vulnerability and threat management solution, providing increased risk visibility and threat data.

Vulnerabilities should be prioritised on business risk not just technical risk, to be able to focus where the highest risk is perceived.

Many enterprise organisations have in place security policies and processes that often fall short when it comes to newer technologies such as cloud and virtual infrastructure which is prevalent today. 

Brinqa – reducing cyber risk and improving cybersecurity posture.

Brinqa connects and synchronises siloed cybersecurity products, processes and teams. Using that data to model, analyse, prioritise, remediate and report the level of cyber risk. 

With integrations to 100+ security and business data sources, it can deliver a knowledge-driven and risk-centric approach. 

Brinqa “Knowledge Graph” 

The Brinqa Knowledge Graph integrates the various relevant data sources into a single source of truth that can be utilised by different stakeholders.

Brinqa cybersecurity knowledge graph

It connects all relevant security and business data, establishes a common risk language, and powers cybersecurity insights and outcomes for customers with several million assets.

The result provides better knowledge of risk posture based on accurate asset information. 

For an enterprise organisation the attack surface area is immense, including every endpoint, application, data store and infrastructure element. And, none of these are static. They are applications that are constantly changing; operating systems and hardware continuously being updated. 

Brinqa automates the Vulnerability Management process;

1. Scan for vulnerabilities ->

2. Prioritise risk ->

3. Create tickets for remediation.

Brinqa automation means that humans can focus on dealing with exceptions, rather than the process itself.


  • Automates vulnerability management
  • Standard metrics, reports and automation rules provided to streamline
  • From scan, to risk prioritisation to ticket management
  • Seamless data integration to leverage a library of 100+ connectors to integrate a wide variety of security and business systems
  • Ensures consistent data quality across different scanners and vendors


  • Visibility across all vulnerability risk in one place
  • Faster risk identification saves time and money
  • Automated from scan to ticket creation
  • Tickets only closed when verified by scanner
  • Prioritises remediation to address the most exploited and prevalent vulnerabilities
  • Improve compliance and reduce risk of fines
  • Provide secure lifecycle (SDLC) governance
  • Clear view on vulnerability prioritisation

Brinqa’s Vulnerability Risk Solution (VRS)

How Brinqa’s Vulnerability Risk Solution (VRS) works, a knowledge driven automated solution.

Brinqa’s VRS can model and analyse security, context and threat data to provide faster cyber-risk insights. It improves efficiency by freeing-up time to deal with exceptions.

To protect against existing and emerging threats, security teams are using Brinqa’s risk-based approach to vulnerability management.

VRS maps critical assets, their dependencies and ownership and impact to the business. Consolidating vulnerability, threat and asset data from all relevant sources.

It prioritises vulnerabilities for remediation based on impact to business. Providing an easy and automated path to remediation.

The solution delivers metrics  and remediation statistics to all stakeholders and continuously identifies, integrates and represents changes – in classification, exploitability, impact and status.



Brinqa VRS
  • Boost resilience – with advanced predictive analytics and a risk-based approach to vulnerability management
  • Increase risk visibility – 360° risk and threat data
  • Save money – dynamic risk prioritisation and automated remediation management at scale
  • Generate new efficiencies – automation of manual processes, including ticket management
  • Self-service dashboards and reporting
  • Intelligently connect vulnerability, asset and threat intelligence
  • Take a view of all vulnerabilities relative to the magnitude of the threat
  • Communicate real-time program metrics and risk indicators to all key stakeholders.

Brinqa’s Application Security Programme


How Brinqa’s Application Security Programme fixes critical issues.

The Applications Security Programme provides vital cyber-risk insights that identify application-level vulnerabilities for remediation. 

Automate the entire process for prioritising and fixing the most critical issues. This can cover all stages of the software development life-cycle (SDLC) with fewer resources, and at reduced cost.

Faster risk identification saves time – top-down and bottom-up identification, measurement and tracking of risks.

Achieve efficiency gains through the complete contextual inventory of critical applications and IT infrastructure with intuitive risk prioritisation.

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S4 Applications can help your business review its ability to protect assets and respond to cyber threats using Brinqa vulnerability management solutions.

We can help businesses looking to leverage some of world’s leading vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.

Both administrators and attackers can use the same tools to scan, fix or exploit network vulnerabilities.

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