Risk Based Vunerability Management. 

Incorporate advanced predictive analytics, 360° risk and threat intelligence

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Brinqa vulnerability management solutions.

Vulnerabilities should be prioritised on business risk not just technical risk. This is the same for infrastructure or application based issues. For example, if a vulnerability is identified across multiple machines (or applications), on the public web site,

and another in engineering, a technical risk based approach would rate them as equally dangerous. The difference with a business risk approach is that the focus is on the public web site where the highest risk is perceived.

Brinqa’s Vulnerability Risk Solution (VRS)

How Brinqa’s Vulnerability Risk Solution (VRS) works.

Brinqa’s VRS allows you to remediate high-risk vulnerabilities faster. VRS models and analyses all relevant security, context and threat data to deliver cyber-risk insights your business needs. 

Fully-automated Brinqa VRS drives efficiency by freeing-up time to deal with exceptions, not managing data flow.

Brinqa’s Application Security Programme

How Brinqa’s Application Security Programme fixes critical issues.

The Applications Security Programme provides vital cyber-risk insights that identify application-level vulnerabilities for remediation. 

This can automate the entire process for prioritising and fixing the most critical issues. This can cover all stages of the software development life-cycle with fewer resources, and at reduced cost.

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S4 Applications can help your business review its ability to protect assets and respond to cyber threats using Brinqa vulnerability management solutions.

We can help businesses looking to leverage some of world’s leading vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.

Both administrators and attackers can use the same tools to scan, fix or exploit network vulnerabilities.

Increase your visibility of what’s happening on your networks and devices, who is using them, and whether or not they are at risk.

S4 Applications has deep experience and access to the best vulnerability assessment tools in the market.

Join a network of industry-leading vendors with complimentary technologies, solutions and services to enhance security maturity.

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