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is your security posture helping you or the cyber criminals?

FREE GUIDE – 8 Best Practice Steps for Effective Vulnerability Lifecycle Management.

What can S4 Applications do to help pinpoint any vulnerabilities and enhance your security maturity?

With a workforce that has been working remotely you’re probably facing a wave of negative employee sentiment, possibly even customer experiences, that can impact productivity and reputation.

But with so much of the work day shifting online, it is critical for businesses to understand their attack surface and to manage vulnerabilities in a professional and effective way.

To help, based on our experience of working with enterprise customers, S4 Applications has put together a list of eight best practice steps to follow, for an effective vulnerability management programme.

Using market-leading technologies that protect your business, S4 Applications takes a ‘security-by-design’ approach for vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.

Ensure employees remain safe and your business reputation intact.

S4 Applications are experts at getting to the heart of the matter quickly, quietly and transparently so you can focus on running your business. Read more in our blog on the 8 Best Practice Steps.

Stay on top of vulnerabilities and prioritise risk.

Find out what’s really happening and where you need to focus with our vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions. Read more in our blog about Staying safe with Risk Based Vulnerability Management.

Put our “best in class” vendor technology to work.

Incorporating emerging and market-leading technologies that protect and secure your business, its reputation, and customers. Read more in our blog about how to Assess your Security Posture with the S4 Applications Security Maturity Model.

S4 Applications - an authority in enterprise security.

We work with organisations at different stages of their security maturity, offering the right technologies to fit the challenges with a selection of best in class vendors. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your vulnerability management challenges.
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