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About Brinqa

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Don’t wait for something to happen, to then quantify which vulnerability to manage first. Brinqa offers an Enterprise vulnerability and threat management solution, providing increased risk visibility and threat data, and using those insights so that your organisation can effectively manage cyber risk.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management – The key benefits to an Enterprise organisation of Brinqa are:

  • Incorporate business risk and threat intelligence
  • Comprehensive risk management system
  • Faster risk identification saves time and money, as vulnerabilities are prioritised on business risk not just technical risk.
  • Save money with intelligent contextualised assessments that provide dynamic risk prioritisation and automated remediation management at scale
  •  Achieve efficiency gains – complete contextual inventory of critical applications and IT infrastructure and consistent application analysis
  • Prioritizes remediation to address the most exploited and prevalent vulnerabilities that could have the biggest impact to the business based on relative threat levels
  • Standard metrics, reports and automation rules provided to streamline processes and engage stakeholders at every step of the process
  • Generate new efficiencies – automation of manual process, including ticket management
  • Utilise self-service dashboards and reporting
  • Improve compliance and reduce risk of fines
  • Provide secure lifecycle (SDLC) governance
  • Automate the entire process for prioritising and fixing the most critical issues, covering all stages of the SDLC with fewer resources, and at reduced cost
  • Save money by reducing risk of harm
  • Visibility into all vulnerability risk through intelligent connections of vulnerability scans, asset criticality and threat data from all sources
  • Faster risk identification saves time – top-down and bottom-up identification, measurement and tracking of risks
  • Automates risk-aware, closed-loop remediation of vulnerabilities at scale through creation, tracking and escalation of tickets
  • Clear view on vulnerability prioritisation
  • Seamless data integration to leverage a library of 100+ connectors to integrate a wide variety of security and business systems
  • Ensures consistent data quality across different scanners and vendors; actively triaging and addressing problems of duplication, incompletion and false positives

Brinqa Demo

The video below is a recording of a demonstration of Brinqa’s Vulnerability Risk Service.  The video takes about 43 minutes from start to finish.

World Map
World Map