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Brinqa Overview

Create a Single Source of Truth

The following video presents an overview of the Brinqa Attack Surface Intelligence Platform. The video shows how easy it is to get data from the security tools across your attack surface and into Brinqa, putting that data to work to reduce risk.

The demonstration shows how to integrate a security scanner with Brinqa, ingesting that data from the scanners and normalising it to provide a unified view of vulnerabilities.


Visualising your Attack Surface.

Brinqa’s graph database creates a living model of your attack surface so that you can understand your assets, their vulnerabilities and security coverage gaps. Brinqa uses data from many sources to help you understand your attack surface, and adding more sources improves visibility – which is where Brinqa comes in, consolidating those assets into an enriched list to help you understand the relationships between those assets.

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Let us know if you want to learn more about Brinqa and it’s solutions or want to see a live demo.

World Map
World Map