improve and upgrade your penetration testing consulting capabilities

Enhance the consulting expertise of your penetration test team.

Reliable tools for consultants to pinpoint vulnerabilities and enhance capabilities.

Improve compliance and accountability with Core Impact penetration testing software.

Penetration Testing

Core Impact and penetration testing

Core Impact provides a comprehensive and scalable framework for penetration testing in a controlled environment.

Consultants can safely determine how a malicous attacker might gain access to a customer’s assets.

Using Core Impact’s repeatable and scaleable testing methodology will increase consultants productvity and control over security vulnerabilities.

Prioritise, patch and remediate identified vulnerabilities.

Nessus Pro for a fast, easy way to proactively find vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment

Helping consultants

Nessus Pro automates vulnerability assessments, quickly identifying software flaws, missing patches, malware, and misconfigurations.

Number #1 in accuracy, they offer the deepest and broadest coverage across a variety of operating systems, devices and applications.

Nessus build their security intelligence through plugins for a more accurate, and comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

Tenable Research ensures that they work closely with the security community to discover new vulnerabilities. Providing insights to help consultants mature an organisations vulnerability assessment practices.

Get actionable and accurate data to identify, investigate, and prioritise vulnerabilities.

Netsparker application scanning using a scalable, multi-user web application security solution.

Vulnerability Management

Helping consultants

A web vulnerability scanner that makes it easy as a consultant to pinpoint critical issues and assess the potential consequences.

The Netsparker Consultant edition requires special approval in advance, and the version comes with some unique features such as, unlimited email support, updates and website scans, single device, one scan at a time with full reports.

The license is bought per user on a per year basis, with a maximum of 3 years in one go.

Netsparker doesn’t need extensive IT security knowledge to operate and combines cutting-edge technology with an excellent user interface.

A complete on-premise vulnerability management solution.

For who ...

S4 Applications can help you as a consultant review the ability of a buisness to protect its assets and using penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and remediation.

We can help businesses looking to leverage some of world’s leading vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.

Both administrators and attackers can use the same tools to scan, fix or exploit network vulnerabilities.

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Increase your visibility of what’s happening on your networks and devices, who is using them, and whether or not they are at risk.

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S4 Applications has deep experience and access to the best vulnerability assessment tools in the market. We are who consultants use to improve their penetration testing capabilities.

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Join a network is of industry-leading vendors with complimentary technologies, solutions and services to enhance security maturity.

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