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2023 Penetration testing Report

The Practice of Pen Testing: 2023 Survey Results Revealed

94% of respondents reported that pen testing it is at least somewhat important to their general security posture.

Fortra’s Core Security conducts an annual survey of cybersecurity professionals on the usage and perception of pen testing. The data collected provides visibility into the full spectrum of pen testing’s role, helping to determine how these services, tools, and skills must evolve. 

Over the years, penetration testing has become an integral component of proactive approaches to security, evaluating and prioritising risk before breaches occur.  

In order to get a better picture of how cybersecurity professionals are using penetration testing in the field, Core Security has developed an annual survey, gathering data on pen testing strategies and the resources required to deploy a successful pen testing programme.

The 2023 Pen Testing Report provides an analysis of the results, shedding light on the strengths, needs, trends, and challenges of pen testing. 

Fortra and S4Applications

Within the report, you’ll find additional insights from cybersecurity professionals across all industries on their experiences with pen testing, including: 

  • Reasons for pen testing  
  • How increased compliance initiatives have impacted testing strategies  
  • Common evaluation criteria for pen testing tools  
  • The split between in-house and third-party resources  
  • Complementary security tools and services 

Pen testing helps reduce risk and continually elevate the security of an IT environment

The goal of this Fortra survey was to provide visibility into how cybersecurity professionals are utilising pen testing.

The results revealed the wide range of ways that people pen test and the elements shaping how they pen test.

  • Top security concerns like ransomware, phishing, and misconfigurations
  • Testing frequency and remediation
  • Compliance concerns
  • Pen testing in different environments

The report, provides valuable data on the key issues related to pen testing

A comparison to the results of the Fortra 2022 survey and uncovering new insights.

The report analyses the general evolution and advancement of the penetration testing field.

  • In-house pen testing team efforts and challenges
  • Using and selecting third-party teams
  • Evaluating pen testing toolsets
  • Integrating pen testing with other security assessment tools
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