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2024 State of Cybersecurity Survey results

Gain insights into contemporary security challenges and how industry experts are overcoming them.

81% cite phishing/smishing as top security risk of 2024.

The results of the inaugural 2024 Fortra State of Cybersecurity Survey. For this report, Fortra canvassed opinions from over 400 security professionals within 40 different industries across the U.S., Europe, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand.

The respondents were asked to open up about the challenges they’ve faced while securing their digital enterprises over the past year.

Fortra and S4Applications

Top Security Risks

Looking forward, most organisations anticipate phishing (81%), malware and ransomware (76%), and accidental data loss (63%) will be the top security risks over the next six months, followed by social engineering (55%) and third-party risks (52%).

Top Cybersecurity Initiatives

Most survey participants stated that their top five cybersecurity initiatives for the following year include: 

  • Limiting outsider threats (like phishing and malware) (74%)
  • Finding and closing security gaps (73%)
  • Improving security culture (66%)
  • Securing the cloud (63%)
  • And compliance (62%)

Top Challenges in Executing Security Strategies

When asked to identify the top three things standing in their way, respondents cited:

  • Budget limitations (54%)
  • The constantly changing nature of threats (45%)
  • And lack of security skills (45%) as the top three impediments.
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World Map