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Core Impact and Cobalt Strike Trials


We have a virtual environment that we can give you access to, all you need to connect is an RDP client.  This means that you don’t need to put vulnerable machines onto your network.

Within that environment is a machine that you can install Core Impact and / or Cobalt Strike on.  There are also machines you can target to exploit.

The environment is sealed (as it has vulnerable machines within it) and is a great place to learn how the products work.

We typically give access to the environment for 2 weeks, and you should budget about 3 days of time within that 2 weeks to do the testing (there is a lot to go through).

Obviously, you don’t need to do the walk-throughs, but most people find it useful.

Accessing the environment

When you get access to your Cobalt Strike sandbox trail environment (hosted on Azure) you will be sent an IP address, user name and password. You can use any RDP client to connect to that IP address and login with the credentials provided.

Fortra have a site with a lot of information to support your trial.  You will find 3 walk-through guides (one for each product plus one for the products working together) plus capture the flag challenges.  You will find information here:

Getting help during the trial

As part of the trial we also want you to try out the excellent Core Impact support. If you have a question, please email and put the member of the S4 team that you are working with on copy.