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Core Impact - Trial Registration

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Are you interested in a free Core Impact trial?

Core Impact is a powerful penetration testing platform designed for security teams to conduct advanced tests safely, applying the same techniques as today’s threat actors.

Pen Testing

Core Impact is the market leading penetration testing framework. It is designed for the professional tester and provides for testing network level exploits, web application exploits and phishing exploits all in one place with consolidated reporting.


For the professional, time and reliability are of key importance so the tool automates as many processes as possible  and has the industry's largest database of commercial grade exploits available.

Core Impact - Demo Video

The video below is a recording of a short demonstration of Core Impact.  The video takes about 11 minutes from start to end, and quickly runs through the product.  Once you have registered, we have a longer demo that we can share, or we can book you in for a live demo.

World Map
World Map