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Fortra Vulnerability Manager

Fortra Vulnerability Manager the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management solution.

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

Best Practices in Vulnerability Management (VM)

Fortra Vulnerability Manager (VM) provides a centralised platform for managing vulnerability scanning and remediation.

With proprietary scanning technology, the vulnerability management solution performs comprehensive security assessments and helps prioritise and track the results, making remediation planning and management more efficient and effective.

Very few other tools scan within Docker / Kubernetes containers, which leaves a “blind spot” and while scanning for vulnerabilities, why not look for malware too?

FortraVM and S4 Applications

Fortra Vulnerabilty Management


Fortra VM can help prioritise vulnerabilities by severity, assess risk, and provide detailed reports and remediation recommendations.

Using Fortra VM reduces risks and provides advanced vulnerability management capabilities. The platform is backed by a team of security experts and industry-leading threat intelligence, ensuring the latest information and tools.

Providing comprehensive vulnerability assessments, including both authenticated and unauthenticated scans, to identify potential security weaknesses and threats.

Fortra and S4Applications

Fortra Web Application Security (WAS)

Fortra WAS provides the highest level of dynamic web application testing results. You can trust Fortra WAS to deliver unparalleled accuracy with minimal consumption of resources through a system that is easily deployed and maintained. Underpinned by powerful, proprietary scanning technology. Fortra WAS eliminates the frustrations security professionals experience, such as the lack of accurate results and complexity found in deploying other web application scanning tools.

Fortra and Vulnerability Management for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The platform is highly scalable, capable of supporting large MSPs with hundreds or thousands of clients, and offers role-based access control and other security features to protect sensitive client data.

The Fortra VM is specifically designed for MSPs, providing a centralised platform for managing vulnerability scanning and remediation across multiple client networks. The tool provides comprehensive vulnerability assessments, including both authenticated and unauthenticated scans, to identify potential security weaknesses and threats.

Integrations with other Fortra solutions to help work smarter and faster

Fortra Vulnerability Manager works with Core Impact penetration testing and Cobalt Strike adversary simulation to create multi-layer offensive security solution bundles. These bundles allow you to assemble a proactive security portfolio that best fits your organisation.

Fortra VM, one tool multiple applications:

  • Looks for vulnerabilities within the infrastructure (as do other vulnerability scanners)
  • The WAS module looks at web applications negating the need for a separate DAST tool
  • Performs a malicious software/virus scan
  • Looks inside Docker/Kubernetes containers for vulnerabilities
  • Know exactly where your network fails to meet compliance criteria
  • Asset reconciliation that tracks and correlates assets and their data
  • Role-based access control and  data segmentation

Next steps

Fortra VM is an on-demand service on an SaaS subscription plan, a proactive, risk-based vulnerability and threat management solution.

As a Fortra partner, S4 Applications will work with your business to help you understand what Fortra Vulnerability Manager can offer to evaluate your attack surface, priorities, and goals and develop a roadmap to deploy the right solution for your needs.

Fortra Vulnerability Manager an introduction.

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