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outflank Security tooling (oST)

ouflank from s4applications

Learn about the powerful tools that are part of the Outflank toolkit

Outflank Security Tooling (OST) is an essential toolkit for anyone involved in Red teaming, Penetration testing, or Vulnerability assessment. Developed by the experts at Outflank, OST includes a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems and networks.

OST is a powerful toolbox made by red teamers for red teams

With OST, they bundle their internal tools for red teaming, adversary simulation or advanced penetration testing services. The toolkit provides shortcuts for hard stages like initial access, EDR evasion and OPSEC-safe lateral movement. OST includes techniques that have not yet been published or weaponised by other red teams.

The toolset is under continuous development and there are currently 10 tools available. These tools allow you to simulate similar techniques to what some APTs and Organized Crime Groups apply but are not available in public tools. OST tools are explicitly developed to bypass defensive measures and detection tools.

There are tools for every phase of the attack chain that help with initial compromise, command and control (C2), lateral traversal and clean-up.

Integrations with other Fortra solutions

OST was developed to work in tandem with Fortra’s advanced adversary simulation tool, Cobalt Strike and automated penetration testing solution, Core Impact.

With OST, you can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, such as password cracking, network reconnaissance, and post-exploitation, so you can focus on more complex and high-value activities.

OST is constantly being updated to ensure they have the latest techniques and methods used by cybercriminals and other threat actors. By using OST, you can identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

What to do next

Interested in a quote, or the opportunity to talk through your requirements further?

As a Fortra partner, S4 Applications will work with your business to help you understand what Outflank can offer to evaluate your attack surface, priorities, and goals and develop a roadmap to deploy the right solution for your needs.

Outflank Security Tooling (OST) webinar - Introduction and Demo

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:45 History & Background of Outflank
  • 08:46 The phases of an engagement
  • 09:48 Demo – Portal Overview
  • 10:52 Demo overview – the “In Phase”
  • 14:48 Demo overview – the “Through Phase”
  • 18:32 Demo overview – the “Out Phase”
  • 19:58 Demo overview – the “Support Phase”
  • 20:49 Demo overview – the “Misc Phase”
  • 23:25 Demo overview – documentation
  • 26:02 Licensing & Export controls
  • 27:41 Architecture
  • 29:49 Detail demo begins
  • 55:00 Discussion of release notes
  • 56:20 Future roadmap