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Core Impact On-Premise Trial

Getting Ready

Before you start on your on-premise trial, hopefully you have been through the sandbox trial first so know how to use the software.  You should also have a plan for what you are going to do.

Hardware Needs - Core Impact

You need a machine to install Core Impact on. The OS and hardware requirements are not that significant but are documented in the User Guide which is available here: That web page also tells you what section of the document to look at.

We would generally suggest a new image of Windows that is not a member of your corporate domain.  There are a number of things that you may want to do with Impact that could be blocked by domain policies.  From a testing perspective, being on the domain is also “cheating”; you really want to test how good your domain security is as part of any test.

Hardware Needs - Target Machines

So you will need some vulnerable machines to point Core Impact at.  As these are vulnerable machines you may not want them on the production network.  This can cause some internal issues that you will need to plan through.

Most people use things like a Metasploitable image on a VM.

Getting and Installing Core Impact

You will receive an email direct from Core with the details of the down-load link and activation code. As this link is to an EXE file that contains exploits, many email scanners block it or put it into junk, so keep an eye on that. To be honest, if your scanner doesn’t block it, I would ask your scanner vendor why not!!

Before you install the software there are a number of things that you need to do (disable virus scanning etc.) that are all covered in the documentation.  You really do need to follow the instructions otherwise it will not work.

Getting help during the trial

As part of the trial we also want you to try out the excellent Core Impact support. If you have a question, please email and put the member of the S4 team that you are working with on copy.