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Fortra’s Tools for Pen Testers and Red Teams

FortraVM and S4 Applications

Fortra has 3 tools for pen-testers and red-teams. In this blog I quickly go through what each tool does and where it fits within the market. I then provide links to elsewhere on this site for more detailed information.

If you want all 3 products together, then this is known by Fortra as their Advanced Red Team Bundle.

Core Impact

This tool is targeted at pen-testers and is an exploitation framework. This competes in a similar product category to Metasploit.

It is a workbench with a reporting engine, complete audit trail, and exploits that massively speed up the work of a pen-tester. It includes network-level exploits, phishing attacks, and web application exploits, plus other tools like ransomware simulation.

General information here:

Recorded demo here:

Core Impact and Cobalt Strike Together

The Core Impact tool is integrated with Cobalt Strike.  You will find some demos of this here:

This is known by Fortra as their Offensive Security Advanced Bundle.

Cobalt Strike

This is the industry-leading Command and Control (c2) infrastructure.  This is used by most red teams (plus most malware) because of its power and EDR evasion technology.

General information and demo here:

Recorded demo here:

Cobalt Strike and Outflank Together

The Cobalt Strike and OST tools are also integrated together.  I don’t have a demo yet, but I hope to soon.

This is known by Fortra as their Red Team Bundle.

Outflank Security Tooling (OST)

OST is a set of 20+ tools that perform tasks that red team members want to do.  These range from a Sharpfuscator (hides C# executables from AV/ERD), to Hidden Desktop (an OPSEC safe implementation of hidden Virtual Network Computing), to Stego Loader (embeds a payload in a picture file) and so on.

Several of the individual tools are discussed, with demos on this page:

The full set of tools is covered in the PDF which is available on the “OST Tech Overview Document” button on this page:

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World Map