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An application security testing solution for securing your websites, web applications, and APIs.

Acunetix Finds What Other Scanners Don’t

Acunetix assesses the severity of the issue, giving you immediately actionable insights.

s4 Applications Acunetix

Detect over 6,500 vulnerabilities.

Acunetix has what it takes to manage the security of all your assets.

A complete web application security testing solution.

Acunetix leads the market in automatic web security testing technology, that accurately scans and audits all web applications, including HTML5, JavaScript and Single Page applications (SPAs).

Better Results in Less Time

It offers a cost-effective entry into the web scanning market with a simple, scalable, and high availability solution, without compromising quality.

Acunetix can report on a wide range of web vulnerabilities, manage and prioritise vulnerability threats by business criticality.

Product Range

Acunetix Standard

A web vulnerability scanner, which automatically tests your websites for over 6,500 security vulnerabilities.

Acunetix Premium

A web application security solution for managing the security of multiple websites, web applications, and APIs. Integration features allow you to automate your DevOps and issue management infrastructures.

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Acunetix 360 

A best-of-breed enterprise web vulnerability solution designed to be a part of complex environments. It provides multiple integrations as well as options to integrate within custom contexts.

Used by many Government, Military, Educational, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, and E-Commerce sectors, including many Fortune 500 companies it is available on Windows, Linux and Online.

Intuitive and easy to use, you can get set up and start scanning in just a few clicks.

s4 Applications Acunetix

Acunetix eliminates lengthy setup and onboarding times.

Acunetix Benefits

  • Saves resources, eases remediation, and avoids the risks of late patching.
  • Automate and integrate your vulnerability management programme.
  • Verifies which vulnerabilities are real
  • Acunetix is known for its very low false-positive rates.
  • Saves time with lightning fast scans that find key vulnerabilities so as not to overload your servers or network
  • Acunetix uses a unique scanning algorithm – SmartScan, with which you can often find 80% vulnerabilities in the first 20% of the scan.

Acunetix Features

  • Schedule and prioritize scans according to your traffic load and specific business requirements.
  • Manage identified issues with built-in vulnerability management functionality.
  • Integrate with your current tracking system.
  • Scans new builds automatically.
  • Scan all pages , web apps, and complex web applications, including single page applications with lots of HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Advanced macro recording technology lets you scan complex multi-level forms and even password-protected areas of your site.
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