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Tenable Nessus Expert

Vulnerability assessment for your evolving attack surface.

Laser Focused with Intelligent Vulnerability Assessments

Built For The Modern Attack Surface.

Nessus is the industry’s most recognised vulnerability scanner and Nessus Expert builds upon that legacy by becoming the first Vulnerability Assessment solution for visibility across the modern day attack surface.

Nessus Expert expands upon Nessus Professional to understand risk beyond traditional IT assets by providing assessment for you infrastructure as code (IaC) deployments and discovering assets exposed to the internet – all under one roof.

Less Time And Effort To Assess, Prioritise And Remediate Issues.

Nessus Pro vs Nessus Expert

Nessus is built from the ground-up with a deep understanding of how security practitioners work. Every feature in Nessus is designed to make vulnerability assessment simple, easy and intuitive.

Security practitioners, consultants, developers, pentesters and SMBs need a vulnerability assessment solution that addresses threats impacting your expanding attack surface.

Breadth And Depth Of Coverage.

Tenable Research continuously optimises Nessus based on community feedback to make it the most accurate and comprehensive vulnerability assessment solution in the market.

Tenable’s zero day team has discovered more than 100 zero-day vulnerabilities over the past three years.

Tenable has one of the most extensive vulnerability and intelligence data sets in the industry with the highest CVE coverage of more than 77,000 CVEs and more than 460 Zero Days disclosed since January 2019.

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Pre-built Policies and Templates.

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More than 450 pre-configured templates help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities. Easily audit configuration compliance against CIS benchmarks and other best practices.


Three New Scan Types.

There are 3 new scan types added to Nessus Expert that today don’t exist in Nessus Professional.

External attack surface scanning – This module will get you a list of all of your subdomains and show the associated DNS records.

Compliance audits of cloud infrastructure – This module works with AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, and Salesforce.

Infrastructure as code (IAC) Terrascan – the scan is presented as JSON in the browser.


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Why Tenable Nessus Expert?

Quickly see vulnerabilities with pre-configured templates for IT and mobile assets, including configuration audits, help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities. Create reports based on customized views (e.g., specific vulnerability types, vulnerabilities by host/plugin, by team/ client) – in a variety of formats (HTML, CSV and Nessus XML).

Take advantage of Tenable’s Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) to help you zero in on the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk specific to your environment. VPR combines Tenable collected vulnerability data with third party vulnerability and threat data and analyses them together with the advanced data science algorithm developed by Tenable Research.

  • Establish a proactive approach to vulnerability assessment for cloud workloads.
  • Discover unknown security issues as part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Scan for disruptive and costly vulnerabilities before code is deployed.
  • Discover internet-connected assets that were previously unknown to the organisation.
  • Kick off assessment scans for newly identified assets.
  • Understand risk and close the gap for assets outside of your perimeter.

Next Steps - Get Started

As a Nessus partner, S4 Applications works with clients to help them understand their attack surface, priorities, and goals. 

We develop a roadmap to deploy the right solution for your needs, contact S4 Applications to request a demo.

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