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Tenable Security Center

Understand your risk and know which vulnerabilities and assets to prioritise first.

Identify, Investigate and Prioritise Assets and Vulnerabilities

A Risk-Based View of your Security & Compliance Posture.

Tenable Security Center (formerly powered by Nessus, is Tenable’s on-premise solution for vulnerability management. 

A comprehensive vulnerability management solution that consolidates and evaluates vulnerability data from across your entire IT infrastructure,  assessing risk with actionable context for effective remediation prioritisation.

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A Comprehensive Network Picture.

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Using a diverse array of sensors and monitoring, Tenable Security Center an on-premise solution, ensures continuous discovery and assessment of your network, monitoring unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches.

Tenable Security Center gathers security data from across your organisation on assets and vulnerabilities in real-time, identifying new or never-before-seen devices or applications, and detects suspicious behaviour as it happens.

Active scanning to thoroughly analyses asset state to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware and other weaknesses.

Keep On Top Of Security Data.

Tenable Research delivers cyber threat intelligence, data science insights, alerts and security advisories.

Tenable has one of the most extensive vulnerability and intelligence data sets in the industry with the highest CVE coverage of more than 77,000 CVEs and more than 460 Zero Days disclosed since January 2019.

Tenable updates its vulnerability database each day, as new vulnerabilities emerge. Tenable Research delivers more than 100 new detections each week.

Leveraging your other security investments, Tenable Security Center can integrate additional security data to improve context and analysis.

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Prioritise Vulnerabilities.

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Tenable’s Predictive Prioritisation technology combines vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science to provide an easy-to-understand risk score so you know which vulnerabilities to fix first.

After Tenable Security Center detects a vulnerability, it provides detailed insights on the vulnerability severity, VPR score, CVSS score and vectors, vulnerability age, known exploits, exploit code maturity, product coverage, threat intensity, threat recency, threat sources, and percentage risk reduction associated with patching.

Why Tenable Security Center?

Tenable Security Center provides out-of-the-box, fully customisable reports and dashboards specific to leading security standards and compliance mandates. You can use them “as-is” or easily tailor them to meet your specific security and business needs.

Tenable Security Center is licensed by annual subscription and priced on the number of assets (or IPs) being scanned and include as many scanners as needed. So, if your organisation has 1,000 assets and 15 offices, then the cost is based on the 1,000 assets and you can have as many scanners as needed. 

  • Leverage Tenable’s integrations with vulnerability. insights with ticketing, patch management, SIEM, SOAR and other third-party products.
  • Improve resilience – active and passive assessment of systems, networks and applications and continuous monitoring of users, applications and infrastructure.
  • Improve visibility – comprehensive visibility into your IT environment.
  • Improve efficiency – Custom reports and dashboards plus real time alerts and notifications.
  • Improve speed and save money – Intelligent vulnerability prioritisation.

Next Steps - Get Started

As a Tenable partner, S4 Applications works with clients to help them understand their attack surface, priorities, and goals. We develop a roadmap to deploy the right solution for your needs. Read more about our Tenable case studies, learn more about Tenable or contact S4 Applications to request a demo.

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