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Web Security and Your Application's SDLC

Web Security and your Application's SDLC: A free E-book.

Get a comprehensive view of your web security posture within your SDLC

A predictable and efficient Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is crucial for delivering modern web applications on schedule, in scope, and within budget.

“96% of web applications have at least one vulnerability”

Security must be embedded throughout any application’s SDLC to reduce the risk of breaches at a later stage through vulnerabilities.

Our E-book will help you to protect assets and respond to cyber threats.


A security-first culture among developers

From a developer’s perspective, a major challenge is the constantly changing threat landscape. Developers are not security experts, and the feedback loop between dev and security teams does not always function as it should.

Evolution of the SDLC (software development life cycle)

In the pre-web era, the software development process usually had a clear start and finish, progressing in a linear fashion and handing off deliverables from one isolated phase to the next, often on a schedule that could span years.

Security in different SDLC models

Even today, application security still often takes a back seat to release schedules, with as many as 70% of development organisations skipping at least some security steps when deadlines loom.

Automating the process

If you want to automate and standardise things, you need to have a clearly defined set of rules on how things happen. The process should define how you measure the severity of a security issue, how it gets fixed, in what time frame and what interactions take place between the various teams.When you have a fully agreed-upon and adopted process, you are able to develop automation.

A security-first culture among developers

Companies will often have a security mindset that focuses on maintaining a secure production environment, which is more manageable for security teams but not a viable approach for helping developers to improve application security.

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